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Chesapeake Traffic Ticket Lawyer

A traffic ticket may seem like something that you can fight without a lawyer’s help. However, the truth is that many people who fight their own traffic tickets are unsuccessful. At Jankell & Ireland, we are committed to helping our clients minimize the impact that a traffic ticket or traffic offense can have on their lives.

Virginia Beach Reckless Driving Attorney

Though we represent clients facing all types of traffic tickets, we frequently handle reckless driving charges. If you were arrested for reckless driving, you may:

  • Face a very steep fine
  • Lose your driving privileges
  • See a significant increase in your insurance premiums
  • Be required to spend some time in jail

Experienced legal counsel can help you keep costs from rising in the long term and help you maintain your driving privileges and freedom in the short term.

Visitors from out of state are frequently arrested while driving to and from Virginia Beach. Under Virginia law, speeding is considered reckless driving if you are going faster than 80 miles per hour. If you were caught speeding on a Virginia roadway, you may be facing charges of reckless driving. Our attorneys have extensive experience representing people from other states who were arrested in Virginia for reckless driving. We will work to achieve the most favorable outcome while providing guidance and support as you navigate Virginia’s criminal justice system.

Protecting CDLs

As a commercial truck driver, your commercial driver’s license (CDL) is your living. When you receive a traffic ticket or are arrested for an alleged traffic violation, you face the possibility of losing your CDL — and your livelihood. As Chesapeake traffic ticket attorneys, we take proactive steps to help our clients maintain their CDLs so that one alleged mistake does not cost them their jobs.

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