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Chesapeake Drug Possession Lawyer

On the roads that lead to Virginia Beach, traffic stops that lead to drug arrests are very common. At Jankell & Ireland, our lawyers have extensive experience in representing people who have been accused of drug possession.

Virginia Beach Marijuana Possession Attorney

The consequences for drug possession and distribution vary based on the type of drug you allegedly had in your possession at the time of your arrest. In the Hampton Roads area, most drug cases involve either marijuana or cocaine.

  • If you are arrested for marijuana: Usually, marijuana possession results in a $25.00 civil penalty. However, large amounts of marijuana can lead to criminal charges, including misdemeanor or even felony possession with intent to distribute.
  • If you are arrested for cocaine: Possession of cocaine is a felony, which can lead to harsh penalties, including prison time and probation.

When you or a loved one faces drug-related charges, it is imperative to seek legal counsel as soon as possible. Our Chesapeake drug possession attorneys are prepared to take aggressive steps to protect your constitutional rights. By negotiating with prosecutors for a favorable plea deal or presenting an effective defense in court, we will work to achieve the most favorable outcome.

Drug Arrests On Campus

Though drug possession is a common misstep among young people, the consequences of drug possession can completely derail a young person’s future. If your college-aged child has been arrested for drug possession, he or she may lose access to financial aid, scholarships and even be forced to leave school. Our attorneys have helped students from colleges like Hampton University, Christopher Newport University, ODU, Norfolk State University, Tidewater Community College and the College of William and Mary to protect their financial aid following a drug arrest.

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