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Even a criminal charge that seems minor can have a dramatic impact on your life. Any time you face criminal charges, you need an attorney who is prepared to aggressively defend your constitutional rights. At Jankell & Ireland, we provide legal representation to clients facing criminal charges in Virginia’s courts.

Virginia Beach Traffic Violation Attorneys Handling A Broad Range Of Crimes

At Jankell & Ireland, our Chesapeake criminal defense attorneys handle a broad spectrum of criminal charges, including:

If you have been arrested or believe that you are a person of interest in an ongoing criminal investigation, contact our office right away. Prosecutors may already be constructing a case against you. The sooner we as defense lawyers are able to get involved, the more time we will have to prepare, which means we can do more to counter the prosecutor’s arguments.

Contact us before you say anything to police. You have a right to an attorney. Our attorneys can work to protect your constitutional rights.

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